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Jenn Pagone, LCPC (IL), LPC (WI)

Psychotherapy & Clinical Consultation Services


I earned my graduate degree in Clinical Professional Psychology from Roosevelt University. I am licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin and utilize an empowering and authentic approach to assist clients in identifying core issues and learn how to express their thoughts and feelings beneath the symptoms with which they struggle. The ultimate long-term goals are permanent healing, improving functioning, and developing a solid, secure attachment and connection within the self and with others.

Various treatments and interventions are offered for those suffering from a wide range of psychological issues such as complex and developmental trauma, dissociation, grief and loss, attachment challenges, somatization issues, eating disorders, perinatal mood disorders, marital dissatisfaction, and depression and anxiety. Treatment goals are collaboratively determined through a variety of options and with constant consent. One of my guiding principles is that I believe the client is an expert on themselves as I facilitate the psychological exploration; somewhat of an “archeological dig of the mind”.  Teaching clients to be self-reflective with curiosity rather than judgement builds resiliency and self-efficacy. 

Prior to opening my private practice I gained experience working as a rape crisis counselor and medical advocate, and as a clinical therapist on inpatient and outpatient behavioral health hospital units, as well as a program coordinator in residential program. Throughout my career I have pursued continuous training in order to provide the most up-to-date and empirically valid treatment interventions to support my clients in their healing journeys. My passion for learning has allowed me to integrate various treatment modalities well beyond the scope of traditional clinical psychology foundations. However, my greatest teachers have been my patients, clients, interns, and students over the past decade.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to teach undergraduate psychology at George Williams College at Aurora University and continue to educate through presentations and lectures at professional conferences such as the Illinois Department of Corrections, Natural Lifemanship, Path International, and Eagala. I am honored to be a Natural Lifemanship trainer and provide workshops on incorporating the Internal Family Systems model with NL principals.  In addition, I provide clinical consulting to hospital staff, university counseling centers, police departments, and mental health professionals.

Meet Gretta, our therapy dog

Gretta is a rescue who loves people. She is highly intuitive and sensitive to others' emotions. She is a constant companion at the office and more than willing to snuggle up and provide support to anyone in need.

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

- Mark Van Doren