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Equine assisted psychotherapy is a powerful and transformative experience that everyone can benefit from. This experiential therapy assists individuals to process their deep inner experiences while strengthening their relationship skills as they partner with a horse or horses.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about emotions or have the words to express pieces of yourself that may be confusing or painful. Healing occurs through healthy connection with yourself and in relationships with others. This can be practiced and achieved through this unique therapeutic opportunity, and helps to generalize interpersonal skills and grow connection with yourself.

There are enormous benefits to this work: increased self-esteem, improved mood, emotional regulation, decreased anxiety, connection, mindfulness, insight, and emotional and cognitive healing.

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Why horses?

       Horses are always in the present moment and are authentic in their interactions with others. They are a truthful "mirror" of our emotions and can help us identify our patterns and blind-spots.

       Eagala and Natural Lifemanship models used.